No Hot Ashes Record Reunion EP

It’s been 25 years since No Hot Ashes last played together. In that time there have been many momentous events. The Berlin Wall came down, Nelson Mandela became the president of South Africa, Curiosity landed on Mars and according to the Sun newspaper somebody called Cheryl Cole got a tattoo on her arse.

Yes, a lot of water, and many other unmentionables, have been swept under Shaw’s Bridge since the Ashes last banged out a tune.

Then Rab Barry suggested the ‘Big Rosetta Reunion.’ The idea was to gather the ‘Rosie faithful,’ to honour the memory of two wonderful people who have left us, namely Bert Harbinson and Adele Nolan.

A flurry of texts, emails and old fashioned phone calls soon ensued from ex members of the band. ‘Could we pull it off?’ was the question. The answer was a resounding, ‘yes!’

But why leave it at just doing this great gig? Why not record some of the old songs for an EP?

Four Hot Tracks for the Ashes

Here it is! Get your Britney’s around this lot.

This EP is dedicated to the memory of our old manager and friend Stephen Magee. A gent, a genius and probably one of the maddest, funniest, human beings ever to grace the plant. He also started the Cinders Rock Club in the Rosetta. RIP fella you’re missed massively.


Dave Irvine -Guitars, backing vox
Paul Boyd -Bass, backing vox
Steve Strange -Drums
Tommy Dickson -Keyboards
Eamon Nancarrow- Vox

Very special thanks to Tommy Quinn for his support with ‘I’m Back.’
Recorded by Paul Boyd
Produced by Paul Boyd and Jon Moorehead
Mastered by
Cover design by Thomas Irvine
Photo by Paul Boyd
Logistics by Phil McAlister
Rehearsal room provided by Cashier No. 9