Back in the Studio

The party rolls on for No Hot Ashes this May as they begin a UK tour with legends FM and Romeo’s Daughter.

As you may well know this is the next stage in a bizarre twist of fate that has seen these loveable rockers from 80’s Belfast find a new lease of life on the early 21st Century.

There are plans for an album and festivals in the summer so the boys have recently been in Hill House, a Northern Ireland studio, laying down some demo versions of new material as guitarist Davy Irvine explains:

The studio was in a lovely setting on the Craigantlet Hills overlooking Belfast and Strangford Lough.


Demo Time Again

It was the second time in 2 years we’ve been in the studio. The first time we recorded four of our old songs which are currently available on Soundcloud (I’m Back, Summer Rain, Diane and She Drives Me Crazy).

This time we were in for 4 days, the purpose was really to get the rough tracking of four songs to send to Merv Goldsworthy for a listen before we go into the studio to record the album.

The time went well and we will possibly keep the drums, bass, keyboards, and lead vocal tracks and just re-record the guitars and backing vocals after the tour with FM and Romeo’s Daughter.


All of the songs were new: Glow, Boulders, Johnny Redhead, and Over Again. We thought we might be able release a single before the tour possible Glow or Boulders but there wasn’t time to do this.

The band are gigging through the summer and the best place to see where is the live page. Let the rock roll!