Tour Blog: A Rotisserie and a Werewolf Mask!

The Ashes are about to hit the road again and play two awesome festivals, so we asked them to look back at the FM tour and ponder on what was good, what they might change and how they would approach their next adventure. Or in Eamon’s case another misadventure?

First question we threw at the NHA singer was about the best bits from the FM tour…

“The highlights were numerous,” said Eamon, “but I think the main ones were, in no particular order…”

“The crowd reaction. It was amazing night after night. I really couldn’t believe it. From ‘I’m Back’ to ‘Jonny Redhead’ each song was greeted with cheers.”

“The members and crews of FM and Romeo’s Daughter. They were wonderful to be around and so generous.”


“Meeting some lovely inspirational people who have enriched my life.”

“The reaction from the media. All the reviews were fantastic. Not a negative word.”

“The name Jooohhhnn!!”

“And lastly. Steve ‘The Voice’ Overland warming up his vocals in the van by humming one of our songs. He probably didn’t know he did it lol, but he’s been one of my heroes since I first heard him in the early ‘80s. So when I heard our meoldy used in his warm up, it actually brought up goose bumps. I hid it well though, I think.”


Was the tour what you expected?

“No, it was easier than I expected. Some of the guys actually didn’t smell as bad as I thought they would. Must admit Tommy’s fear of werewolves was a surprise. Luckily we didn’t encounter many.”

“What item will you bring next time to make it better or more fun?”


“A rotisserie. Oh, and a werewolf mask!”

If you want to know more about the early days of No Hot Ashes, before they moved from Belfast to London, then look no further than Eamon’s biography “Holywood Star: the life and times of a rock and roll misadventurer” which is available on Kindle and paperback at Amazon.

The band are about to release a double A side single featuring the songs ‘Boulders / Glow’. there is a very strong sentiment behind both songs and if you want to hear a version of Boulders live then check out this page: Song Highlights Effects Strokes Have on Families