Tour blog: Boyd by the Reaction

With everyone looking forward to a the weekend of festivals at Ramblin’ Man Fair and Steelhouse, the boys of NHA are looking back to the FM tour and giving us a feel about life on the road from the perspective of born again rockers.

In this blog bassist Paul Boyd gives his highlights of the tour.

“For me the tour itself was a highlight,” said Paul, “the craic in the bus travelling between gigs was unbelievable. We travelled over 2600 miles in 10 days, and it wasn’t really any hardship, as the time passed pretty quick, so really a bit of a ‘boys jolly’ with your mates most of the time.”

“The members and crew of FM and Romeos Daughter were extremely helpful, and just really nice people, no massive egos, and everybody pitched in for the good of the tour.”

“A particularly humorous incident was when, at Shepherds Bush Empire, world famous rock n roll photographer Ross Halfin, came to take a few photos of the band. It was clear he was in a hurry to get away as he had a flight to catch later that day, and did not mince his words in giving us direction as where/ how he wanted us to stand for the images.”

Paul Boyd - No Hot Ashes

Paul Boyd

“So, we are standing outside Shepherds Bush Empire, with members of FM and Romeos Daughter, hurling insults out from second floor windows,’hold the bellies in boys’ etc., and Russ Halfin leading Steve Strange around by the ear pulling him into place,,, one of those ‘take you to have been there moments’, but priceless!”

“I suppose the No 1 highlight was the general audience reaction to our set, which was amazing, FM fans are incredibly nice people!”

So was touring with or as NHA what you expected?

“I think the tour was much more than we expected in terms of audience positive reaction.”

“Although, obviously, we had early stage times, it was surprising how many people were in the venues for the start of our set, and how positively we were received.”

“I think if we had been aware of this positivity before the tour, we would have made much more of an effort to have the album completed, and some merchandise in place, but lesson learned.”

No Hot Ashes outside the O2 Empire Sheppard's Bush

No Hot Ashes outside the O2 Empire Sheppard’s Bush

What item will you bring next time to make it better or more fun?

“Completed CD, and Merchandise,,, We could have had a lot of people in NHA t-shirts! Oh, and we couldn’t do it all without our tech, Jon, and tour manager, and generally super manager, Phil., without them it probably wouldn’t happen at all.”

The band have recently recorded a double A side single ‘Glow/Boulders’ which will be released soon. You can see a live performance of Boulders on this page: Song Highlights Effects Strokes Have on Families