Tour Blog: Eye-opening, Ear-boggling, Awesomeness!

With Ramblin’ Man Fair and Steelhouse on the horizon NHA are about to hit the road again, so we’ve asked them to look back at the recent FM tour and gives us an insight into life with No Hot Ashes as they rock around the UK.

In this blog guitarist and founding member Davey Irvine starts with the highlights of the tour…

“There were many highlights,” said Davey, “and I don’t think I could pick one over any of the others to be honest.”

“The fact that we were out on the road with FM and Romeo’s Daughter was obviously fantastic… These are bands that I listened to and hoped to be able to write songs as good as theirs, and I’ll keep trying!!”

“Watching these bands playing night after night, consistently putting in a really strong performance was excellent, and for me, as a guitarist, watching Jim Kirkpatrick and Craig Joiner nailing it at every show was a lesson.”

No Hot Ashes play the O2 Empire Sheppard's Bush

No Hot Ashes play the O2 Empire Sheppard’s Bush

“Being recognised at a hotel on the third day of the tour was a bit of a shock!! And then to see the two people who recognised us, Nathan Phillips and Louise Mawer, at the front of the stage on FOUR following shows was great, even if they weren’t there specifically to see us , it was good to see them, FM certainly have some lovely fans.”

“At the end of the Glasgow show, just as we were loading our gear, a guy came up to me and said we had been brilliant from the first minute to the last. And even though he had a Scottish accent he mentioned he had flown over from Belfast just to catch us playing, I was still beaming with pride after getting that compliment days after.”

“But I suppose at a very personal level my highlight was that I managed to recover enough from my brain haemorrhage and stroke of last year to actually do the tour… it caused me to miss the festivals and support slots with Foreigner and FM which was a major disappointment, and losing both my parents just 8 weeks before we went on this tour… well, I just wish they had been here for me to tell them how the tour had been, they would have been proud.”

“But seeing the reaction of the brilliant crowds at every gig and the encouragement of both FM and Romeo’s Daughter band members, and their superb crews, was just what I needed at the end of a truly horrible year. Onwards and upwards.”

Davey Irvine and Eamon Nancarrow

Davey Irvine and Eamon Nancarrow

“Touring with the boys everything I expected and more… funny, tiring, exhilarating, eye-opening, ear-boggling, awesomeness.”

“And if there was an item I wanted to bring with me next time, it would be my latest guitar.”

The band are about to release a new single, in which singer Eamon Nancarrow writes about the struggles his parents faced when his mother had a stroke (CVA). With Davey also suffering from the same condition, the song has a resonance within the band.

You can see a live performance and read the lyrics on this page: Song Highlights Effects Strokes Have on Families